Tiny House

Whether looking for a little advise, help on particular utilities, blueprints, design or full building, Tiny Enhancements can lend a hand.  We are all about owner empowerment and are happy to customize our approach to make it happen.  Although it is important to remember there is a difference between fantasy and reality, let us determine where the two may overlap

Eric's Tiny Project 2d.jpg


For those of you that are good with your hands, know others who are, or are looking for the final push to finally develop the skills necessary, we provided provide predesigned tiny houses and also custom to owner tiny house design.  3D model plans included.


Have you started a project to find yourself going over budget, overwhelmed or just getting lost as to what comes next?  We'll be your someone to lean on.  From changes in design and utilities to sourcing and materials, we've done the homework and would love to share insights from the field.




Interesting in simplifying your life?  Keeping in your life only what is inspiring and nourishing.  Or are you looking for a simple structure to serve as a second home?  Or a guest house?  There are many benefits to building a Tiny House on Wheels.  Reach out to us with your need/desires and let us show what we can do for you.